Discoveries in Faith

Short, uplifting Bible lessons designed to build faith and inspire obedience. 

God's Finishing School

In times past, wealthy aristocrats in America would send their daughters to "finishing schools." These schools, located primarily on the east coast, taught young ladies etiquette in posture, dining, conversation, and all other matters of refinement necessary to be a proper young lady. 

The Lord is working on us Christians too. God's plan for us is to make us more like His Son Jesus Christ. 

In order to accomplish this transformation the Lord has to knock off our rough edges. And to do so, the Lord sends us to finishing school also. His school is not sophisticated or elitist. God's finishing school involves trouble. Through difficulty and heartache God polishes us. James 1:2-4 tells us to rejoice when we go through trials because patience completes us, perfects us, and matures us. The Greek word "finish" is found twice in verse 4.

Herein is one major difference in the mature Christian and the baby believer. Predictably, the young Christian moans and groans and whines and cries when they go through trouble. But the mature Christian is full of faith. They say things like, "I am sure God is teaching me something. Somehow I know this will work out for good. I'm trusting Jesus in this trial."

Have you ever seen a polished stone come out from a rock tumber? After being tossed and turned in the tumbler the stone emerges smooth, shiny, and attractive. Take heart child of God, that's what the Lord is doing to us. We are in His finishing school and when this topsy turvy thing called life is over, we will emerge victorious looking just like God's Son, Jesus Christ. So don't complain when you have troubles, instead rejoice.