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3 Attitudes about Cross-Cultural Missions

There is a lot of talk to today about race relations. But the more I study people and history the more I realize things don't really change. Throughout ancient history there have always been conflicting opinions surrounding this volatile topic. In the first century, people in Palestine debated whether Jewish Christians and Gentiles Christians could co-mingle. Here are 3 attitudes from then, that are still with us today.

  1. Some people oppose cross-cultural missions. See Acts 11:1-3.
  2. Some people allow cross-cultural missions. See Acts 11:18.
  3. Some people encourage cross-cultural missions. See Acts 11:23

Thankfully, attitude number three prevailed in the church in Antioch. A multi-cultural, missionary church then changed the course of Christianity and the world (see Acts 13:1-3). Will you and your church be the next history changing congregation?