When I first started writing this book I wanted to list the most important spiritual lessons I had acquired in my lifetime. My goal was to help the next generation master these truths faster without having to read all of the classics (Andrew Murray, Brother Lawrence, Major W. Ian Thomas, F.B. Meyer, Watchman Nee, R.B. Thieme Jr., F.J. Huegel, Miles J. Stanford, Roy Hession, Stephen F. Olford, and countless Keswick writers). I lamented that it had taken me so long to barely grasp these profound lessons. Surely I could simplify these lessons, condense them, and package them for future champions. Here now is my humble offering at what I consider to be the twelve most vital spiritual lessons for growing Christians. 

As I began collecting and categorizing these best of the best spiritual insights, I noticed a pattern. There were lessons revolving around the cross, and other associated with the crown. These two emblems, the cross and the crown, became the anchor points for this book. So what we have now is roughly a catechism, with the simplier lessons at the beginning and the more advanced lessons in the back of the book. Since these lessons are arranged in an orderly fashion it is ideal for personal growth, family Bible study, small groups, and mentoring relationships.

In seminary I sat under the renowned theology professor William Hendricks. He told us we should someday write our own systematic theology. In this book, Discipleship Matters: Learning from Timothy's Spiritual Journey, I offer a systematic approach to spiritual transformation. However, after the composition was complete, the manuscript lay dormant for several years until I decided to refashion my thoughts in the form of historical fiction. I realized some might consider doctrine boring, but who can resist a good story with adventure, romance, and treachery, all based on fact and loaded with life-changing truth? While enjoying this engaging story of Timothy and Paul on their missionary travels, the reader will discover the following:

  • Appreciate the full significance of Christ's crucifixion
  • Discover your true sense of worth
  • Find peace with God
  • Be hopeful in hurting times
  • Keep in step with the Spirit
  • Know God's will for your life
  • Brighten your outlook
  • Find strength to face life's challenges
  • Live the crucified life 
  • Prevent the world from squeezing you into its mold
  • Escape legalism
  • Win victory over fleshly cravings 
  • Sit with Christ in the heavenlies
  • Overcome the dragon 
  • Access your divine inheritance
  • Be 100% righteous 


Discipleship Matters is available literally all around the world by simply clicking any of the following icons. In addition to e-books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have paper versions. Disicipleship Matters is also available on iTunes.