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Achieved Ministry or Received Ministry?

My friend Rick Shepherd talks about the difference between an "achieved ministry" and a "received ministry." That is, you can work for and attain some things or you can let God give you His blessings. Clearly the later option is best. This difference between an "achieved ministry" and a "received ministry" is vividly seen in Genesis 11 and 12.

At the Tower of Babel they said, "let us make a name for ourselves." So they built a tower up to heaven, but their "achieved ministry" did not last. In the next chapter God appears to Abraham and says, "I will make your name great." After these many years, Abraham is still revered by Christians and Muslims. His "received ministry" endures.

  • An achieved ministry involves works. A received ministry is from grace.
  • An achieved ministry is about my glory, but a received ministry is for God's glory.
  • Achieved ministries never last, received ministries have eternal impact.