Discoveries in Faith

Short, uplifting Bible lessons designed to build faith and inspire obedience. 

Don't Forget to Use SOAP

It is about that time of year when serious Christians begin thinking about reading the Bible through in the New Year. It is good to have some kind of reading plan. Yet your goal should never be to fulfill a religious obligation, but to encounter the Living Lord. And for that, don't forget to use the soap! Here's what I mean.

Sometimes when I read the Bible my mind wanders. I stop and ask myself, "What did I just read?" Do you ever have this problem?

This little acronymn can help us stay focused and squeeze the most out of God's Word. 

S - Scripture: Read a passage or chapter from God's Word.

O - Observation: What are the major themes and key words? What jumps out at you?

A - Application: What is God communicating to you personally through this text? 

P - Prayer: Talk to the Lord about what He shows you from His word. Share with the Lord your dreams, fears, and desire to obey Him.

By using this simple SOAP technique you can experience the Lord every day. And spending time with God will help you have a happy New Year.