Discoveries in Faith

Short, uplifting Bible lessons designed to build faith and inspire obedience. 

Our Great High Priest

Here are three reasons that Jesus is the great high priest.

  1. Jesus is perfect. All other high priests were sinful, frail human beings. They had to be cleansed from their own sins before they could intercede for the people. But since Jesus never had a bad thought, word, or deed, He doesn't need to confess His sins like all the other high priests. 
  2. Jesus is immortal. The other high priests eventually would die and a new priest would have to be trained. Because Jesus is eternal, He is still on the job, where He "ever lives to make intercession for us." 
  3. Jesus is the final sacrifice. In the Old Testament animals had to be offered regularly, but at Calvary Jesus became a perfect once-and-for-all sacrifice. In a remarkable twist, Jesus is both priest and offering. In an amazing act of love the Priest offered Himself. What the blood of bulls and goats could not do, Jesus accomplished by shedding His own life blood.

What a Savior!