Discoveries in Faith

Short, uplifting Bible lessons designed to build faith and inspire obedience. 

The Tragedy of a Man-Made King

The people of Israel made a huge mistake when they wanted to be like the other nations and have their own king. Notice the striking differences between Saul, their man-made king and Jesus Christ, our God-given King.

  1. Saul was tall and handsome (1 Samuel 9:2). Jesus lacked external beauty (Isaiah 53:2).
  2. Saul unsuccessfully tried to defeat the Philistines. Jesus successfully defeated Satan, sin, death, and hell. 
  3. Saul was self-absorbed, Jesus was a servant of all.
  4. Saul was disobedient (1 Samuel 13:13-14), Jesus was fully obedient, even to the point of death on the cross.
  5. Saul practiced necromancy (consulting with the dead), Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit. 
  6. Saul took his own life (1 Samuel 31:4) , Jesus gave His life.
  7. Saul's kingdom only lasted for a few years. Christ's kingdom is everlasting.

Are you looking for someone to follow? Don't make the same mistake the Israelites made, instead humbly yield to King Jesus. He is gentle, loving, and undefeated. You will never be disappointed by following Jesus (Romans 10:11).