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Seven Metrics of a Strong Church

How do you know if a church is strong? Some used to point to the three B's: buildings, budgets, and butts in the seat. Thankfully, today many realize a church may be big but not healthy.  So what is the proper scorecard for the church?

Here are seven metrics from the church in Antioch. The Antioch church is often considered the greatest church in the Bible, greater even than the church in Jerusalem. 

  1. Strong churches promote Jesus (Acts 11:20). How many times each week does your congregation share Jesus outside of worship? EVANGELISM
  2. Strong churches minister cross-culturally (Acts 11:19-20). How many people groups, other than the predominant culture, receive ministry on a regular basis from your church? MISSIONS
  3. Strong churches experience supernatural power (Acts 11:21). How many people got saved and baptized last month? PRAYER
  4. Strong churches work with others (Acts 11:23, 25, 27). How many times in the last six months did your church invite other leaders (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, teachers) to minister to your people? LEADERSHIP
  5. Strong churches make disciples (Acts 11:26). How many new believers is your church currently taking through a process toward Christ-likeness? DISCIPLESHIP
  6. Strong churches give generously (Acts 11:29-30). Last month, how many dollars, volunteer hours, and leaders did your church give away? STEWARDSHIP
  7. Strong churches serve others (Acts 11:28-30). In the last three months, how many Spirit-led (out of the ordinary) plans did your church complete? MINISTRY